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open play

Imagine… A play structure scientifically designed to develop motor skills, build confidence, strengthen muscles, and encourage social interaction and analytical thinking!

Kids have another fancy word for all these things… FUN!!!

One of the programs available at Bodies in Motion is “Open Motion”, commonly called Open Play. Open Motion is where children come to Bodies in Motion to do what they do best: Climb, Hang, Slide, and Run!

You’ll find everything at Bodies in Motion to be centered around a 300 year old law of physics, Newton’s 1st Law of Motion- Bodies in motion, tend to stay in motion… This law of physics has become our mantra. Even our café is in alignment with this law. You won’t find “concession stand” junk food here, but rather foods that support a “body in motion.”



Kids Edutainment Activities

Whether it's singing, dancing, wiggling, and giggling, enjoying the imaginative world of storytelling, making music with exciting instruments, building a craft, or going on an adventure, your kid will LOVE these Edutainment Activities. 

During this cute-as-all-get-out session, toddlers (1 to 4 years old), will engage the mind and body in this stimulating session. It’s a great way for toddlers to begin interacting with each other in a format that is designed to expand and development the mind through sound, dance, motion, crafting, or adventure.

Depending on the theme for the day, you can either sit, relax, and enjoy the activities or jump right in there with them.  In a world, when parenting feels like driving 90 mph in the right hand lane, the relaxing and fun session is a great way to balance the day for kids, and mom and dad as well.

Cost: These Kids Edutainment Activities have no additional cost and is part of Open Play admission.  

Schedule: Click Here to See Calendar of Activities

We’re not just about the body in motion!

You’ll even find us bending the 1st Law of Motion in a manner to support higher education. We also believe that “a mind in motion, tends to stay in motion” as well. Numerous studies show that when a child is exposed to discussions of higher education, they are more likely to pursue college. This is exactly while you’ll find that we have themed our play structure around the 4 state universities in Idaho.

Bronco Tsunami [Boise State University]- Two person racing wave slide. One of the two tallest indoor wave slides in North America.

Vandal Vortex [University of Idaho]- Fourth level spiral tubular speed slide.

Bengal Bolt [Idaho State University]- Second level tubular speed slide.

Warrior Challenge [Lewis & Clark State College]- Toddler area featuring a low level tube slide, obstacle balls, and soft climbing platform.

Organized Games & Challenges

We all know that kids love games, and they love challenges. During scheduled times, we’ll be rounding up kids for refereed games like Capture the Flag, Crab Soccer, Timed Obstacle Courses, Battle Ball, and tons more.

Arts & Crafts

If your kiddo needs a little break from all the action, he or she can relax at the art table and do a little arts and crafts.


Open High Ropes Course

Experience a 45 minute aerial adventure from climbing, hoping, balancing and even crawling sideways. Or take your groups teambuilding skills to a whole new level. Harnessed in 20 feet above everyone else, you can test your abilities in a group teambuilding format or open climb time.  (Additional fee for High Ropes Course)

Participants must be 8 years and older and accompanied by an adult. To go without an adult, participants must be 8 years and older and 5 feet or taller.

Open Ropes Hours
Monday, Wednesday: 5pm - 7pm
Friday: 4pm - 6pm
Saturday & Sunday: 10am - 5pm
RSVP Required

Call to schedule your Open Ropes time: (208) 381-0587

Have you never been to Bodies In Motion before or participated in any of our programs?
We can't believe that! But if it is true, fill out our online waiver ahead of time so your all set when you get here.

Hours of Operation

10 am - 7 pm

Friday & Saturday
10 am - 8 pm

10 am - 5 pm

Open Play Admission

0-11 months: FREE

12 months to 23 months: $3.70

2 to 4 years old: $6.40

5 years old & up: $8.50

Bring Socks & Parents are Free

This space is reserved for annual passes and punch cards:)  Check back soon!        

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